Our Service

Website News Clipping

Our qualified researchers run key-word searches through various websites using major search engines, evaluate them one at time by researcher themselves, and report to you daily by email after carefully narrowing them down only to the pertinent information.

Value Evaluation for Website Advertising and Publicity

This is a unique value evaluation system developed by us as the industry’s first to specifically convert various websites exposure of organizations, product or news in terms of advertisement and publicity value.
Our system is based on “Search Engine-based System” which is quite different from other conventional value evaluation systems such as “Banner Advertisement-based System” or “Page View-based System.”

CGM Clipping Service

There are various Consumer Generated Media such as mixi, YouTube, blogs among others. Our researchers report to you only the pertinent information collecting them from those areas and evaluating them one at time by researcher themselves.

ICM Marketing

Based on careful analysis of both positive and negative comments posted to various websites, our experienced researchers evaluate, remove the irrelevant data for marketing analysis and even classify complicated web postings accurately and accordingly that are difficult to analyze automatically into different categories.

ICM Risk Management

Our service is specialized for information on the internet and in collecting, analyzing, and ways of coping with the most malicious and in many times fatal rumors and web posting against corporations, products, services, or any information which could be a great risk for companies’ management by unsubstantiated whistle-blowing activities by current or former employees.

Rate Sheet

Website News Clipping

Basic Fee 30,000 yen/month
15,000 yen/week
Article Fee 100 yen/article

Value Evaluation for Website Advertising and Publicity

Value Evaluation for Website Advertising and Publicity 500 yen/article

CGM Clipping Service

Basic Fee One category out of Blog, BBS or SNS 30,000 yen
Article Fee 100 yen/article
Dairy Report
Basic Fee One category out of Blog, BBS or SNS 100,000 yen
Two categories out of Blog, BBS or SNS 130,000 yen
All of Blog, BBS and SNS 180,000 yen
Article Fee Included in the fee above
Statistical Report 30,000 yen

ICM Marketing Service

ICM Marketing Service From 300,000 yen

ICM Risk Management Service

ICM Risk Management Service From 350,000 yen

Company Profile

Name Wise-Works Project, Inc.
Address Daiwa Tsukiji Building. 4 Floor, 2-10-6 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0045, Japan
Telephone +81-3-3541-3951
Facsimile +81-3-3541-3950
Capital Paid-in                  85,480,000 yen
Founded January 18, 2000
Board Members
  • Naomi Saito (Chairman)
  • Naoki Takeda (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Naohito Matsuda (Director)
  • Mitsutoshi Nagao (Director)
  • Shinichi Hasegawa (Director)